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Elif Yeşilırmak

Elif Yeşilırmak was born on 12.04.1993 in Turkey. She studied International Relations in Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey between the years 2011-2016. She was a part of management team International Relations Student Club during her last 2 years of university and organized many events with ambassadors and professors about current situation of the world, energy policies, water politics, economics, foreign policy and women’s rights.

On February 2017, she started to a short term EVS in Hungary. It included language support for people who need English speaking practice, organizing Turkish culture event and visiting schools to introduce EVS projects.
On May 2017, she started to work with Fundacja EkoRozwoju as a volunteer. She is doing EVS because helping people voluntarily, meeting with many cultures and working in multinational area are pleasure for her.


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