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piątek, 08 grudzień 2017 13:36

Air Pollution, SMOG Campaign

If somebody asks you, do you live in a good environment and breath a fresh air, what would be your
answer? As interview with Wrocław citizens shows us, the majority of them give a negative answer
and share their wishes to live in the city without air pollution. As we know, air pollution in Poland is
an actual topic for big and small cities.

wtorek, 31 październik 2017 14:26

Nonverbal Communication Training

On 24.10 and 25.10. 2017 a two day training on body language took place at Fundacja Ekorozwoju. EVS volunteers from Croatia and Ukraine broke down the science of nonverbal communication, presenting a practical, cutting edge and incredibly efficient tool for everyday interactions.

poniedziałek, 23 październik 2017 08:46

Lower Silesian NGOs Fair

On 7th of October our EVS team has visited Lower Silesian NGOs fair. This meeting held on an aim to collect all possible NGOs of Lower Silesia, to give them an opportunity to present the organizations, provide information about what they engage in to them. The meeting was interesting, so we had the opportunity to know about other organizations and stipulate a possible collaboration in the future. We met many new people as well.

piątek, 22 wrzesień 2017 09:55

Football match against racism

EkoCentrum Dawaaajjj!!! Screamed one of our volunteers during football match against racism. We can’t explain all our feelings about this game just can say, we were over excited!

To play a football game we didn’t need to be professional, we only should to learn how to be one- team. But good team is not as good when it has no a leader. So we’ve got a key-person who taught us the rules of the game and how to behavior concerning our opponents. That day we faced a new challenge, we’ve got a new goal. The game is not that serious to be, but somehow we felt the spirit of competition.

piątek, 22 wrzesień 2017 09:51

Music instruments by Your hands

Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue(Plato). Music is also a good way to connect people and grow up friendship between them. On Saturday 9th our young participants had an opportunity to get new skills in creating handmade music instruments.

środa, 20 wrzesień 2017 12:38

Turkish Delights at EkoCentrum

On Saturday 9th September,on the occasion of Muzyczna Noc Nadodze, the EVS volunteers from Turkey who are doing their EVS at Eko Centrum, have organized “Turkish Delights”, an event that allowed the citizens of Wrocław to get better acquainted with Turkish foods, dances and music. The evening started with live music and famous Turkish songs played by our volunteers.

poniedziałek, 11 wrzesień 2017 12:38

Work with youth at SEKTOR 3

Besides working at EkoCentrum, our volunteers also cooperate with different non-profit organizations with the aim to improve their skills and share their knowledge. One such form of collaboration takes regularly place at Wrocławskie Centrum Wspierania Organizacji Pozarządowych SEKTOR 3.
SEKTOR 3 is, among other things, organizing traineeships for high school students in Germany. To goal of the project is, besides from allowing the students to learn a new profession, also to get them acquainted with a new culture, new people and to go out of their comfort zone.

piątek, 08 wrzesień 2017 11:14

Two day training on assertive communication

A workshop can be an engaging, energetic and interactive platform to generate new ideas, sharing experiences, improve processes and change the way people interact.

At the beginning of September 2017. educators at EkoCentrum organized a two day training on assertive communication for the EVS volunteers. The goal of the workshop was to adopt new tools that would help the participants to communicate more efficiently and to improve their interpersonal skills. Gatherings such as these are an excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange and with engaging training environment the group dynamics also becomes more stimulating.

wtorek, 29 sierpień 2017 14:10

Archeology Day at Ekocentrum

On Tuesday 22th of August 2017, EVS volunteers organized at EKo Centrum a workshop on archeology for children from UNESCO SUMMER CAMP. In fact, since one of our EVS volunteers is archeologist we have come up with the idea to present this exciting profession to our participants and connect it with ECO activities. The workshop started with a presentation regarding what is archaeology and how an archeological excavation actually looks like.

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