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Matteo Ristic

My name is Matteo and I come from the beautiful Mediterranean city of Rijeka in Croatia. I have graduated in International Relations from the University of Trieste in Italy and my passion are foreign languages. My dream has always been to become a polyglot and I have set a personal goal to learn one new foreign language per year before I turn 30.

During the college years I was a volunteering in the association that was promoting the rights of students with disabilities and after graduation I have pursued a career in ecology.

I have applied for European Voluntary Service because I strongly believe in the importance of volunteering as a way of contributing to society and because environmental issues are becoming a pressing issue that needs to be addressed. Working in an international and multicultural environment has allowed me to be present at the center of a social, cultural and knowledge exchange with reciprocal benefits for the volunteers, Ekocentrum and the society as a whole.









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