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Zehra Solmaz

I was born in Tokat, Turkey on 15nd of January, in 1992. I completed primary School and high school education in my town. I graduated from Yıldız Technical University, department of Environmental Engineering. I volunteered in various international sporting events (Balkan Athletics Championships, 36. Istanbul Marathon, 37. Istanbul Marathon, 2013 WTA Tour Championships ). I helped foreign sportsmen to communicate with people in my country.  I helped and assisted them during the races. I am also a member of many civil society organizations. For example LOSEV (Leukemia children's foundation) I work in their activities as a voluunter.

I am also a member of the TOG (Community volunteers foundation), TEGV(Turkish education volunteers foundation). I was a member of Yıldız Technical University Environmental Club and I  worked with my club on a lot of projects about environment. I am one of the founders of the Project for the Help of Van City ( Van city underwent massive demolition in an earthquake in 2013 in Turkey). I am interested in environmental sciences and astrophysics. Also I am interested in running and kick-boxing sports in my free time.


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