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wtorek, 29 sierpień 2017 14:10

Archeology Day at Ekocentrum

On Tuesday 22th of August 2017, EVS volunteers organized at EKo Centrum a workshop on archeology for children from UNESCO SUMMER CAMP. In fact, since one of our EVS volunteers is archeologist we have come up with the idea to present this exciting profession to our participants and connect it with ECO activities. The workshop started with a presentation regarding what is archaeology and how an archeological excavation actually looks like.

After a brief introduction, the participants were divided into 3 groups and were given a chance to work like archeologists in our garden. They cleaned the area (container) with a brush, took photos and drew pictures of all materials they found. An essential point was that archeologists, while searching for relics from the past, dig up also a lot of trash. By way of example, it takes 1 million of years for a glass bottle to decompose. The question we raised during the workshop was what will the future generations of acheologists find when searching for remnants of our modern civilization. After completing the field work, the children continued their job, just as real archeologists do, in the laboratory (class) where they again cleaned their findings, took photos and drew pictures.
We are very pleased to have organized such workshop, since we have noticed that the participants were very excited about learning how archeological work in reality looks like and about the variety of activities it encompasses: from field work and taking photos to drawing and reconstruction of found materials. To sum it all up, it was really a refreshing experience for all of us.


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