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środa, 20 wrzesień 2017 12:38

Turkish Delights at EkoCentrum

On Saturday 9th September,on the occasion of Muzyczna Noc Nadodze, the EVS volunteers from Turkey who are doing their EVS at Eko Centrum, have organized “Turkish Delights”, an event that allowed the citizens of Wrocław to get better acquainted with Turkish foods, dances and music. The evening started with live music and famous Turkish songs played by our volunteers.

In addition, different types of music were also presented in a separate music room (Turkish art music, folk music, street music, 90's and 2000's pop music, Anatolian rock music etc.).
The guests had also a chance to enjoy typical dishes of the Turkish Cuisine such as: Mercimek Köftesi, Mücver, Patates Salatası, Sigara Böreği ve Lokum. The night then proceeded with famous Turkish dances. With tasty food and good music, the evening has been spiced up by a dance teacher who demonstrated several Turkish dances such as:Damat Halayı, Kasap Havası, Üç Ayak. Guests, volunteers and workers of EkoCentrum danced all together and the whole event was simply brimming with positive vibe. It was really a great, memorable night.

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