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piątek, 22 wrzesień 2017 09:55

Football match against racism

EkoCentrum Dawaaajjj!!! Screamed one of our volunteers during football match against racism. We can’t explain all our feelings about this game just can say, we were over excited!

To play a football game we didn’t need to be professional, we only should to learn how to be one- team. But good team is not as good when it has no a leader. So we’ve got a key-person who taught us the rules of the game and how to behavior concerning our opponents. That day we faced a new challenge, we’ve got a new goal. The game is not that serious to be, but somehow we felt the spirit of competition.

Playing against our competitors was a fun for us, no stress, no nerves, just good spending of time. Playing all together, the same time being fans of our EkoCentrum team made real pleasure for us. The football completion lets us also meet new people. As participants of our team or opponents from the other side, when the game was over, all of us were the same glad to be there and have such opportunity to play.

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