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poniedziałek, 23 październik 2017 08:46

Lower Silesian NGOs Fair

On 7th of October our EVS team has visited Lower Silesian NGOs fair. This meeting held on an aim to collect all possible NGOs of Lower Silesia, to give them an opportunity to present the organizations, provide information about what they engage in to them. The meeting was interesting, so we had the opportunity to know about other organizations and stipulate a possible collaboration in the future. We met many new people as well.

Specially from our organization, we prepared a lottery, where answering a question, every participant had the opportunity to win a gift. It was pleasing to see how people are glad though little gifts. We visited the stands of other organizations, where we also participated in conversations on topics about deaf and blind people, participated in playing the logic games, learned about mineral springs. During the fair all participants could enjoy coffee breaks, but also it was possible to treat oneself the meal of different cuisines.

The merriest action of this meeting were performances of different groups. Among them, there were those who sang and those who presented dances. We enjoyed looking dances in style cha-cha or Indian dances in execution not only youth, but also people senior age. These performances gave the special atmosphere for fair.

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