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środa, 27 grudzień 2017 08:09

Skincare and vegan hairdressing

When it comes to beauty and wellness we are in! Last Monday we were asked to volunteer at hairdressing school. Well, that was amazing! Such a new experience in our lives never appeared before.

Firstly, what really surprised us, it was a group of girls (soon specialists in hairdressing profession), who know what exactly they want to do in a future. We rarely experience such confidence in young people, but we are glad to see it.

Secondly, the mentor of the group introduced us a new rush in hairdressing which called “Vegan Hairdressing”. As she explained to us, the new vegan rush implies using an organic components and products in cosmetic we use for our skin and hair. Cosmetic bases on different kinds of herbs, spices and clays. Using organic components hairdressers are able to avoid allergy or other bad effects for their and clients' skin and hair.

After introducing, our next step was about to try vegan products so that we should just to relax and let girls to take care about our hair. During the next hours we have gotten mask treatment, cutting hair and styling. We have to notice, that atmosphere was precious, some trainees were a bit shy, mostly because of language barriers, but in general they did their job so confidant and good.

Czytany 46490 razy Ostatnio zmieniany czwartek, 28 grudzień 2017 11:59