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piątek, 19 styczeń 2018 13:31

Excursion to Hydropolis

On Thursday 18.01.2018, we went to visit Hydropolis, a center of knowledge and science about water in Wrocław. This extremely modern facility, opened in 2015, uses multimedia applications, interactive installations, faithful replicas and models, as well as touch screens with only one purpose; to show water from various fascinating perspectives. Due to its cutting edge technology, it represents Poland’s only facility of this kind and one of very few worldwide.

Since part of our work in Fundacja Ekorozwoju revolves around sustainable water consumption, visiting Hydropolis was an excellent opportunity to explore further the subject of water, seas and oceans. As it was emphasized during the digital lectures, water pervades numerous aspects of human interactions from history to religion, from biology to science. In one form or another, it is omnipresent in the Universe and on Earth, conditioning Life itself and predating it.

Therefore, it has been a pleasure to have taken this excursion, that has undoubtedly enriched our knowledge and widened our horizons on this widespread yet unexplored element known as water.

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